Nanny'n Me

Contact Information
Project sponsor name and title:                    Lara Schoenfeld (Founder, Director)
Main contact phone number:                         +27 (0) ‭845 174 424‬
Main contact email:                             
Preferred meeting location:                           TBC

Company Information
Company name:                                            Nanny ‘n Me
Company sector/ industry:                             Education and Training
Year of establishment:                                   2012
Company website:                                and (Middle East)
Number of employees:                                  4 In Head Office and 20 franchisees (1 in Zimbabwe, 1 in Middle East, rest in SA)

Brief company overview:
Nanny ‘n Me is a weekly play training programme that ensures a child thrives developmentally in the first three years of life; empowers nannies so that they love their work, and gives working parents peace of mind that their child is in the arms of a skilled, loving nanny. Currently about 800 children are enrolled with their nannies and meet every week in a parent’s home, park or community building.

Project Information

Project title: Market research into reaching more of our ideal customers in our Not-for-profit project (Growing Together) as well as our for profit business (Nanny n Me) .

Overall project description:

With the ever-increasing importance of social media, trying to gain our ideal audience’s attention is paramount. In Focus areas 1 – that is potential funders, and in Focus Area 2 - it is our ideal customer. I am a constant learner and keen follower of trends that are working, but would benefit from on the ground research to inform our decisions.

Your mentor: Nthakoana Maema



Project Focus Area 1: Not for Profit Arm of Nanny ‘n Me: Growing Together

In line with our “GROWING TOGETHER” project, and wanting to grow its reach and therefore impact (into poverty stricken areas with high unemployment), we would like to know four things:
1. What accreditation for the curriculum and or training would be most helpful for funders to see as a stamp of quality?
2. Investigate which other NGOs or ECD programmes have a need to upskill their trainers and or use for a weekly curriculum to meet the development and attachment needs of 0- to 3-year-olds
3. Impact of current programme on staff at Sikhula Sonke
4. What other measures could be used in future research to determine the project’s impact?

Supporting resources:

Weblink: Growing Together pdf

Monday afternoon: Nanny ‘n Me Cape Town franchisees and Zandile Mahola (Head of Growing Together project, Chief Trainer) and Wendy Baston (Head Office Ops, Admin and Marketing support)
Tues afternoon: Visit to Khayelitsha (have bus, follow Zandi from a convenient place closest to highway)
The Sikhula Sonke staff: available on calls/may meet on Tuesday
Lara: available anytime on zoom



Project Focus Area 2 : For profit arm of Nanny ‘n Me: Pty (Ltd).

Implement a customer research survey to establish what topics and typical moments should be portrayed for our target audience (the working mother of young children aged 0 to 3 years employing a nanny as her child care choice) in:
1. Video-based social media organic content that connects with, surprises and delights such an audience to improve our reach and brand awareness.
2. Ascertain what content would inform a podcast if we started one. (Do you listen to podcasts, length of an ideal podcast, topics, who they currently listen to, when, where)

Supporting resources: