Nombulelo Msizi & Scamba Guest house

Nombulelo Mildred Msizi is the proud owner of Scamba Guest house on Harlem Avenue in Langa. The bed and breakfast was founded in 2002 and originally catered for exchange students. Mam Nombulelo created the business as a retirement plan, building on decades of experience in the hotel industry.

There is much potential for growth and expansion, as the BnB could position itself to cater for the growing market of especially of overseas visitors keen on including Langa on their South African trip. Nombulelo is actively seeking to develop the BnB’s potential, and has also worked with Airbnb to market her guesthouse, and benefiting from some corporate training. Her next priority is to work on the business’ record keeping, as well as marketing, including through a website.

Her main objective over the next year or two is to start building two new bedrooms on a second floor, and work more closely with her daughter, who also occupies a director post in the business.