Razi Mussah & Razi’s Tailor Shop 

Razi Mussah, a young tailor in his mid-30s, is originally from Malawi. He learned his trade in his childhood years through his mother. After settling in South Africa, he first worked as an apprentice in other tailor shops, before starting his own business in 2021 with his savings.

His container-based premises are conveniently located on Lerotholi Street, one of Langa’s busiest streets, boasting an art gallery, coffee shops, hair salons and several more businesses in close proximity. Razi makes customised traditional African dresses and suits for weddings and other events, but also garment adjustments and repairs.

One of Razi’s key issues is the seasonality of business, which is highly dependent on people’s income cycles, as well as marketing and cash flow management. Razi’s priority in the coming years is to invest in new equipment, including an embroidery machine, to better serve his customers.