Vusumzi Mqoboli & Zazitech Solutions 

Vusumzi “Vusi” Mqoboli is the founder and owner of Zazitech, a graphic design, printing and internet access company in Langa. Vusi’s passion for IT started back in his schooldays: Back then, he explains, most children in his surrounding had hardly ever seen computers, let alone worked on them. Today, the digital gap has shrunk a bit, but there is still a long way to go: While many South Africans have access to a smartphone, the cost of data is still prohibitive for the majority. Vusi’s business is trying to reduce this gap by providing affordable access to the internet as well as adjacent IT-related services such as printing, website development and desktop publishing services.

Like many other South African young entrepreneurs, Vusi combines running his business with a side-job, working for the IT department of Woolworths, a major South African retailer. He founded Zazitech in late 2023 with his own capital and equipment, and hopes to see his business develop into an integrated training centre, and in time, develop other facilities and amenities aimed at local businesses and residents, such as office space and a coffee shop.