3. Sinakho

Sinakho is essentially a skills training center supporting both men and women of the Cape Town township. It counts a number of programmes such as the “food technology” curriculum around baking or chocolate. These programmes prepare members from underserved communities for employment, or to start their own business.

The sewing school started in 2015 and trained 250 people who are now, for most of them, working from home. Indeed, at the end of the training, graduates are given a sewing tool kit allowing them, if they want to, to start their own business. The programme is well received and doesn’t need any form of marketing to enrol new recruits. The curriculum is 6-month long and delivered by 2 instructors.

This sewing school is somehow victim of its success. It could potentially offer more and in better conditions if it had more space to work from. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly set limits to its expansion. It now needs to rethink its approach in a time when skills and enterprise development is more important than ever.

Seeking financial sustainbility and expansion, the organisation is focussing on income generating schemes within the community where it started.