1. Cloudy Deliveries

Colin Mkosi is nothing if not a pioneer. Shortly before the covid-19 pandemic, this young 25-year old from Langa realised that while there was demand for delivery services in the townships, many high-market service providers such as Uber Eats or Mr D avoided working in these areas because they were unable to work with informal addresses, and because drivers were often reluctant to service the area. Just as Colin was refining his business model, the chaos brought by the pandemic suddenly provided an additional opportunity, with many older people reluctant to leave their homes to buy groceries and other supplies.

Using a fleet of old bicycles, Colin started hiring young unemployed Langa residents to deliver groceries, laundry, household supplies and packages to households. Three years later, Cloudy Deliveries has completed 6,000 deliveries and counting. The business has attracted attention from some of the stakeholders in South Africa’s Enterprise Development Ecosystem, notably by winning a Social Innovation Award from the prestigious SAB Foundation in October 2022 and being mentionned by President Cyril Ramaphosa for being a good example of local enterprise serving communities' needs.