Media & Data


Before and during this online journey to Cape Town, we encourage you to both listen and read as much as you can on South Africa. So many things are available online to help you better understand the local context.

Radio garden (link) will provide you with a quick access to a selection of radios in Cape Town including the talk Radio “Cape Talk”.

News 24 (link) is one of the most visited breaking news websites in the country, whilst the Cape Times (link) counts amongst the widely read newspapers in Cape Town. For deeper political and economic analysis on South Africa, we would rather encourage you to read the Daily Maverick (link) and Business Day (link).

The StatsSA website (link) can be a excellent source of information when trying to understand the local context through data. We also highly recommend Wazimap (link) for its digestible display of both the Census 2011 and the Household survey 2016 data.

Last but not least, the UCT Liberty Institute of Strategic Marketing released “Marketing to South African Consumers”, an open-access resource that can possibly help you during your consulting journey. The document was published in January 2021 but we wouldn't consider it outdated. To download, click on the thumbnails below: