Contact Information
Project sponsor name and title:                                                Anne Dobson
Main contact phone number:                                                   +27 (0) 21 4476334 or +27 (0) 73 391 8742
Main contact email:                                                        
Preferred meeting location during the week:                           19 Regent Street Woodstock

Company Information
Company name:                                                                      NOAH
Company sector/ industry:                                                      Social welfare
Year of establishment:                                                            1981
Company website:                                                        

Brief company overview:
NOAH is a social enterprise that seeks to co-create a thriving, interdependent community where elders live with a sense of purpose, belonging, contribution and hope. Offering access to communal housing, health services, community-building and enterprise development, elders (who live only on a state pension of 1500 rands / month (about GBP 60) live with a greater sense of freedom and are able to take up their rightful role in society. They have 12 communal houses across Cape Town, 2 community clinics and have recently opened a café.

Project Information
Project title: Support NOAH’s community expansion

Overall project description:

The client has recently acquired a historic building in Woodstock, and aims to repurpose it into a thriving community café hub. Over the past six months, the building has been operating as a café, but with suboptimal performance due to misaligned branding, marketing inefficiencies, and operational challenges. The goal is to conduct a feasibility study to assess the potential for repositioning the café to cater to a younger, trend-conscious demographic while maintaining community engagement and financial sustainability. In addition, consultants will be required to help evaluate and implement NOAH’s growth strategy as they transition to a new business model.

Your mentor: Pierre Coetzer (Reciprocity)



Project Focus Area 1: Conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to evaluate the market potential, consumer preferences, and financial viability of rebranding and repositioning the cafe.

  • Assess the current operational structure and streamline staff roles to optimise efficiency and reduce operational costs.
  • Explore market trends and product offerings in corner shops and trendy café hubs to inform menu development and pricing strategies.
  • Identify potential tenants who align with the values and vision of the community-oriented space.
  • Develop a strategic plan with actionable recommendations based on the feasibility study findings for presentation to the board of directors
  • Create more opportunities for client involvement (elders).



Project Focus Area 2: Assist with the transition to new business model

Evaluate the interim strategy to expand model go transition from ‘NGO’ status:

  • Assess the NOAH ‘To Be’ organogram and identify core competencies required
  • Gather requirements for grants required for expansion