Soul Design


Contact Information
Project sponsor name and title:                                             Abi James and Victoria Bresler
Main contact phone number:                                                +27 (0) 71 919 67 15
Main contact email:                                                     
Preferred meeting location during the week:                        SOUL Design studio, 100A Main Rd, Kalk Bay

Company Information
Company name:                                                                   Soul Design
Company sector/ industry:                                                   Fashion and Homeware
Year of establishment:                                                         2012
Company website:                                                     
Number of employees:                                                        8

Brief company overview:
SOUL Design, founded by Abi James and Victoria Bresler, specializes in handcrafted jewellery, fashion and homeware pieces, intended to reflect the true essence of Africa. Originally raised in London, Abi always maintained strong ties to Africa due to her South African heritage. Victoria (“Vics”), for her part, is originally from New Zealand. She joined SOUL Design in 2018 and became Abi's partner in 2020.

Together, Abi and Vics collaborate with artisans across Africa to create SOUL designs using local materials. They hold social upliftment for African entrepreneurs at their core; all products are made using materials sourced and manufactured within Africa in collaboration with African artisans.  Each piece showcases modern African creativity and offers insights into different regions of the continent.

Project Information

Project title: Supporting Soul Design’s growth strategy

Overall project description:

In addition to selling through their website and retail from their shop in Kalk Bay, SOUL Design also has a wholesale business and supplies jewellery to game lodges, hotels, and boutiques across Africa. This offers a less seasonal revenue stream compared to retail, meaning the business typically operates at a loss outside of the peak tourist months of December, January, and February. With only two individuals managing all aspects of the business, including production, SOUL Design seeks to identify the most effective areas for growth.

Your mentor: Pierre Coetzer (Reciprocity)



Project Focus Area 1: Define a business growth strategy

  • The company faces a critical juncture in its expansion plans and seeks guidance on optimising efforts for sustainable growth, particularly in wholesale and retail sectors. The goal of this project could be to develop a pragmatic strategy that balances ambition with practicality.
  • To analyse the various areas within the business and identify those areas that the business should be investing, effort and maybe capital) in growing. Are there any particular areas that we should focus on expansion?
  • Identify any potential new offerings that might align with market demands.

Supporting resources:

  • Soul Design uses Lightspeed/Vend as its Point of Sale system for retail.  Data from this system will be accessible to the students to make necessary investigations into sales from the retail side.
  • Our Wholesale invoices are issued using Xero and these details will be made available.
  • Our accountant will be able to provide any other additional financial information required.



Project Focus Area 2: Improve marketing efforts and branding strategies

While efforts are being directed towards bolstering their online store through a new look website and some increased marketing, traction on the website hasn't met expectations. Soul Design would welcome insights and support in developing and executing new marketing approaches for the online business.

  • Recommendations for increasing our brand visibility and reaching new target audiences.

Supporting resources:

  • Soul Design had a professionnal running a google ad campaign for the last 6 months, although we have significantly ramped down the spend on this over the last 3 months. We have all of her research and presentations and she would be available to ask any questions.
  • The company could also count on someone assisting with content creation and posts on Instagram as well as Pinterest. She would also be available to assist.