Order Kasi

Contact Information
Project sponsor name and title:                                        Leon Qwabe
Main contact phone number:                                            +27 (0) 66 106 85 64
Main contact email:                                                          info@order-kasi.co.za

Company Information
Company name:                                                              Order Kasi
Company sector/ industry:                                               Food and Beverage
Year of establishment:                                                     2018
Company website:                                                           https://www.order-kasi.co.za/

Brief company overview:
Originally from Kwazulu Natal, Leon Qwabe came to Cape Town in 2008 to study, and has never looked back. Living in the township of Langa, Leon noticed how established food delivery companies did not operate in areas that were perceived to be dangerous, or were deemed to be low-income. In reaction, and conscious of latent demand, Leon and his business partner Jason started Order Kasi, a food delivery company run for people in the townships, by people in the townships. All of Order Kasi’s drivers have in-depth knowledge of their local area, ensuring what Leon calls “a compassionate touch that connects communities".

Project Information

Project title: Support Order Kasi’s expansion to new business hubs

Overall project description:

Boosted by the encouraging market trends in Cape Town, Order Kasi now wishes to expand operations in Durban, South Africa’s large port city in Leon’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal. This, alongside opportunities to start providing a courier service for large packages, requires significant strategic and financial planning, for which external perspectives would be welcomed.

Your mentor: Nthakoana Maema



Project Focus Area 1: Repurposing Order Kasi’s sales platform

Explore costs and feasibility of building own platform to accommodate new services and workload

  • Explore partnership opportunities with existing platform providers and costing model
  • Identify functionality required to streamline and automate marketing and sign up processes for new merchants



Project Focus Area 2: Cash flow (Risk Assessment) 

  • Identify and assess cash flow challenges associated with an increase in the number of employees.