8.    Moloto Takalo

& Moloto Driving Academy

Moloto has made considerable improvements in terms of the organisation of his admin and the tracking of clients, which he says have helped him significantly. Moloto has made considerable progress with developing the infrastructure in his premises and indicated that all that’s left is to purchase at least 4 computers which he has a budget for. His vision is to create a digital-friendly driving school that is able to help with challenges related to computer literacy including online bookings and online learnings licences.

Moloto is looking for computer deals to match his budget of R3,500 per computer. Once he purchases his computers, he will be one of the few driving schools to offer digital services, which he believes will bring substantial revenue. He has managed to implement the recommended marketing strategy which has also bought him at least 4-5 additional clients per month. Moloto plans to double this number by strategically distributing more flyers.

He also indicated that he bought a new vehicle which he uses to transport his clients to the traffic department at a fee. He is also considering registering the vehicle on Uber and consequently generate more income. A major challenge he faces is with his pricing as he currently cannot increase his prices due to harsh economic conditions that people are facing but plans to implement price changes in a near future.