6.    Isaac Diala

& Quality Laundry Business for All

Isaac’s Laundry is impressively neat and well cleaned. On the other side of the laundry, near the washing machines, big plastic bowls and buckets filled with gallons of water can be seen. Isaac adopted this method in order to continue opening doors and providing services to his customers. Isaac is faced with a water crisis where during the day the water supply shuts down completely. From 11 pm onwards, the water seeps out from the taps slowly. He then has to collect as much water as he can before dawn as water stops again. He has stopped using two of the other bigger machines in this period as they require much more water. He indicated that this is a municipal problem which will not be resolved anytime soon. However, his method ensures that he can provide consistent service.

A major challenge with water is that he had to stop his marketing campaign as he fears that he will get a high demand from corporates which he will fail to deliver. Therefore, for now he is not promoting his business to corporates. His other business - selling fruit and veggies - is thriving as well. He said that juggling the businesses was relatively easy for him as he is passionate about what he is doing and is ultimately driven by the need to provide for his family. Although the situation with water and power outages is challenging, Isaac will not give up on the laundry business. He plans to continue implementing all recommendations, including bookkeeping.