4.    Lincoln Maponya & Rasky Tiles

Lincoln meets us at his home. He was happy to inform us that he was busy all-day meeting with ‘big bosses’ of various factories to negotiate the supply of surplus tiles. He did not seem to have reached agreement with the potential suppliers, as he indicated that he will stick to his existing suppliers. He  started keeping track of his income and expenditure more consistently, and that has given him light into his finances. Although he has not yet introduced new complementary products, he has been doing research about the products and will see where an opportunity presents itself. 

His main marketing tool remains word of mouth as people often refer others to him. He has seen an increase in revenue over the past few months, as well as new customers rather than recurring ones. He plans to implement his marketing strategy to reach a wider audience by learning how to advertise on social media such as Facebook. He also plans to create another billboard that will be placed in a busy area advertising his tiles.