2. Puleng "Pule" Mokagane

& Pule's Paintings

Pule’s storefront looks extremely appealing with a display of various sweets and delicacies. He has introduced selling some snacks, sweets and cigarettes to passersby at the museum and kids who play around the area. He came up with the idea when he realised that his art sales are still lagging despite his efforts to market his portfolio and send emails to potential partners. He has since been working on portraits for clients, as there is high demand for those. He plans to contact more art galleries & form partnerships with them to sell his art.

The economic circumstances have been harsh according to Pule, and therefore he has not yet been able to implement the recommendations that require upfront financial input.

However, he is optimistic and indicated that the portfolio pack developed by his team is always a point of reference. ‘’I will definitely implement the suggestions they gave me because I can see that they will help me to grow’’, he explains.