14. Nhlanhla Mhlanga, Mathapelo Lesenyego

& Gaulo On Point

The ambience in the restaurant is buzzing as people are coming in to buy their warm and hearty meals prepared by Nhlanhla. Unfortunately, Nhlanhla indicated that he has no longer been working with Mathapelo from December last year, shortly after the GE program, as she has moved on to new endeavours. But Nhlanhla plans to continue growing the business. Another visible change is a new employee on the chicken grill assisting Nhlanhla with food orders. Load shedding which is a widespread problem in South Africa and in Alex, seems to be presenting a great business opportunity for Gaulo On Point. According to Nhlanhla’s observation, more people have challenges preparing meals due to scheduled power cuts and therefore have to rely on fast food from him. The only challenge for him in winter is that he has to close earlier as people tend to go inside their houses earlier.

Nhlanhla has managed to implement most of the recommendations and is seeing an increase in sales. ‘’Compared to a few months back I am seeing more customers now’’, he said. His other plans include to increase his marketing campaign to reach more schoolteachers who he can provide with lunch. He is also planning to continue finalising his business compliance so that he can grow his market and be eligible for funding opportunities.