9.    Madoda Shongwe & Stupha Pty Ltd

As we approached his store, there was an ambience of loud music and a buzz from people walking and sitting around the front of the store. Madoda greeted us cheerfully when he arrived and indicated that a lot has happened since the programme ended. He has deviated a bit from his clothing and has introduced a new business where he sells different types of meat including pork ribs and beef ribs from specific suppliers. He said that he is still working on Sthupha and the branded shoes, but his sales have not met his initial expectations. Although, he has noticed that people are still loyal to the Sthupha brand. Therefore, in order to increase his cash flow, he saw this opportunity to sell meat and he is making more sales from this business.

He is still using social media, especially WhatsApp to advertise his products. He tries to post at least once a month for all his businesses. He still gets a lot of engagement from the linked social media accounts for Sthupha and the branded shoes. He has also managed to create a website which is still in progress. He foresees that the online store will be ready to make sales in a couple of months (website in progress: www.sthupha.co.za).