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Welcome to South Africa!

Over the next weeks, you will be immersed in the business environment and economic landscape of Cape Town and its townships. You will be challenged to question your personal assumptions and ideas, looking at innovations and traditional business models differently. The focus is to support the development of existing small organisations carrying a positive social impact.

Due to the particular nature of the interactions you will have over the next weeks, the assignment will require you to immerse yourself (at first remotely) in the business environment and economic landscape of Cape Town and South Africa, doing as much desk research and topical reading as possible: On South Africa, on your client’s particular sector of activity, and on the broader continental and global trends that form the backdrop of your assignment.

Despite the practical challenge of this intervention, your focus remains to facilitate the growth of these existing social businesses and community based organisations owned and / or managed by passionate individuals. This type of consulting experience is likely to transform your outlook on opportunities in emerging markets, including the typical challenges that entrepreneurs face in this type of environment.

This website will provide you with your client profile, as well as resources dedicated to help you throughout your mission. Visit often, as the website will be updated regularly.